Hey Folks, well the weather is starting to clear up & the golfers will soon be flocking to the courses in their masses. One thing I am looking to do over the next year is to go a lot more in depth into bunker play & the working science behind good & bad bunker shots. I see people all the time making simple mistakes when playing green side bunker shots, & there is lots of information out there in magazines etc that perhaps does people more harm than good. Next time you practice your bunker play try this.

1) Setup with a square clubface & square stance to the target, rather than the classic open style

2) Take a wide stance (slightly wider than your driver) with lots of knee bend, positioning the ball inline with your left armpit (if your right hander)

3) Tilt your spine towards your target & most important keep it tilted forward as you swing. (the weight will probably feel more on your front foot) Even though the spine is forward let your hands sit back from the ball hanging mid-body

You should now be able to make a fairly normal swing & pop that ball out without too much trouble. But remember you should from a green side bunker be impacting the sand first so the sand will slow the club head down a great deal. Therefore you shouldnt be scared to take fairly long swings back & through.

Hope this setup helps. Any questions leave me a comment.


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